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How do I get anonymized data that is secure and realistic?

Libelle DataMasking provides realistic-looking and GDPR-compliant data through data anonymization

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How do I obtain a failover system to quickly get back to productive work?

With our disaster recovery and high availability solution Libelle Business­Shadow® you can provide a standby-system in just a few minutes

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I need a system copy quickly, but I don't have much time for it!

Libelle SystemCopy automatically delivers fresh production data for your non-production systems


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System copies in record time! On-Premise. Hybrid. On Cloud.

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Manual system copies are among the most time-consuming and laborious tasks in IT. With Libelle SystemCopy, you can easily automate and speed up this task. At "the push of a button" and in the best possible quality. Sign up now!

Man kneels in the server room and checks a system copy on the laptop

[Partner Webinar] Easy entry into hybrid cloud scenarios: Automated System Copies - FlexPod & Libelle SystemCopy

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In our webinar you will learn how you can support your customers in solving these challenges in a highly efficient and automated way.


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With our Libelle BusinessShadow® solution for disaster recovery and high availability, you can mirror SAP® landscapes and other application systems with a time delay. Your company is thus protected not only from the consequences of hardware and application errors, but also from the consequences of natural hazards, sabotage or data loss due to human error.


Libelle SystemCopy automatically provides non-production systems with fresh production data at any time. Libelle SystemCopy covers all pre- and post-processing of a system copy - on-premises, hybrid, or within the cloud.

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With Libelle DataMasking, you can anonymize personal and sensitive data and work with it sensibly - whether in SAP® or another environment. Realistic-looking and GDPR-compliant data replaces the data in your non-production systems during anonymization. Developers can then easily access development or test systems and train participants, and analyses by experts remain meaningful despite anonymized data.


Libelle EDIMON is an add-on for monitoring and managing IDocs across complete SAP® landscapes. The IDoc workflow is an absolutely critical aspect of incoming and outgoing orders, deliveries and invoices and is thus inextricably linked to the core business of a company.

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Libelle SABMON enables early detection and documentation of error situations and can initiate concrete measures on request. Our software allows automated monitoring based on a variety of predefined and customizable checks.


HF Mixing Group: Best possible high-availability for every machine

24/7 production operation and a life cycle of up to 20 years: many customers of the HF Mixing Group use their machines virtually without a break. The connected database servers should also be permanently highly available. And the high-availability solution should be as economical and easy to operate as possible in an emergency. These are requirements that pose a great challenge to every IT and software company.

Klingspor AG: Manual system copies used to be a thing of the past

Over 50,000 articles, more than 30 international locations and countless demands on the IT landscape: manual system copies are definitely out of place with these orders of magnitude. Klingspor AG was therefore looking for a solution that would allow system copies of the entire SAP landscape to be made at any interval. The database copy and all rework in the systems should be carried out as automatically as possible.

Our insight and expertise should also bring you added value and help you to maintain an overview and to recognize current business trends and challenges of the future. With regard to your everyday work, we will also answer your questions on a wide range of topics such as system availability or data and process optimization - whether on-premises, hybrid, or within the cloud.